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1st July 2017- Healthy Indian Eating



Patrani Fish
White fish marinated in mint, coriander and green chilli then wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed to retain its moisture

Punjabi Lollipop
Chicken wings marinated in pomegranate and gently cooked over hot charcoal


Channa Chaat
Chickpeas tossed with potatoes, tomatoes, onions, garlic with a sprinkle of channa masala finished with tangy tamaring and coriander

Chicken Haleem
A speciality from Deli with thin slivers of chicken breast cooked with four different types of lentils and cracked wheat
King Prawn & Baby Spinach
A sizzling dish of king prawns & fresh spinach stir-fired with ginger and delicate spices


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Product Description

Patrani Fish, Punjabi Lollipop

Chicken Haleem, Channa Chaat, King Prawn & Baby Spinach



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