5 Hottest Curries

Zouk’s 5 Hottest Curries – A hotter than hot curry is a Summer winner. If it’s suddenly a scorcher and Britain starts to melt, (like it is as we write) then forget a cooling ice cream and reach for a spicy curry.

Why? Because it is a proven fact that spicy foods can make you sweat and therefore cool you down, well so the Daily Mail says anyway. And even if you don’t believe that, don’t worry about getting hotter as Zouk has air conditioning and an outdoor terrace to maintain an optimum temperature.

Here are five of our hottest curries:

Zouk_Railway_Curry - 5 hottest curries

Zouk’s Railway Curry – 5 Hottest Curries

Inspired by traditional Rajasthan curries, this hot, hot, hot lamb dish has fresh green chilli AND red Kashmiri chillies to blow your socks off. Look at it, even LOOKS hot (pictured above).

Chicken Jalfrezi

A classic dish that’s renowned for its spicy sauce. Chicken, capsicum, onion and eggs with masala and coriander. Order a cooling sauce or splash of yoghurt if it’s getting too much!

Chicken Khabani

Fiery red chillies make for a searing hot curry so make sure you have a cool cocktail on standby. To those strong flavours, we add aromatic spices and a little sweetness from apricots and then it’s finished off with potato straws.

Lamb Nihari

Think thick, think spicy, think slow cooked lamb and think about a tasty naan bread to go with it.

Zouk Lamb Nihari - hottest curries

Zouk Seafood Special

This seafood special packs a punch with a mixture of King and Water Prawns plus succulent haddock cooked with mushrooms, pomegranate and coriander seeds in a sizzling thick spicy sauce.

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