There is lots to get excited about this month as the Zouk Lunch Tiffin has a new arrival, the Tandoori Chicken Tiffin. This much-loved lunchtime speciality offers diners delicious food, amazing variety and great value, all on a stunning silver tiffin platter.

The Story of the tiffin

Zouk’s tiffin takes its inspiration from the traditional tiffin lunch boxes that are hand delivered all over India every lunch time. Since long before the days of apps and speedy food deliveries, workers from every industry imaginable have looked forward to their hand-delivered tiffin lunch. In India tiffin lunch boxes have stackable compartments each holding a unique delicious dish that makes up this filling meal. In our restaurant we like to serve our tiffin on a fabulous ornate silver platter. Who says lunch cant be fancy?

The Zouk Curry Tiffin

The Famous Zouk Tiffin Curry

The Zouk Lunch Tiffin?

For those seeking pure comfort food we have the classic tiffin curry. Containing two curries, a tasty starter, samosa, chutneys, basmati rice and a freshly baked naan bread. It pays homage to the traditional tiffins of India and New Delhi whilst providing the perfect lunch for groups of friends and colleagues to enjoy. For those looking for something light, healthy, flavoursome and supremely satisfying we have the new Tandoori Chicken Tiffin which features half a grilled chicken, spiced potatoes, sautéed veggies, basmati rice, curry sauce and salad.

Zouk Tandoori Chicken Tiffin

The New Tandoori Chicken Tiffin

Typical Tiffin Menus

Meat Curry Tiffin
Chicken Tikka
Chicken Jalfrezi
Lamb Laziz
Pilau Rice
Naan Bread

Veggie Curry Tiffin
Paneer Tikka
Bindi Handi (Okra)
Tarka Dall
Pilau Rice
Naan Bread

Tiffin Grill
Half Tandoori Grilled Chicken
Spicy Potatoes
Basmati Rice
Sautéed Veggies
Curry Sauce

On the curry side the tiffin menu changes daily with a mix of dishes old and new to explore. Both the curry and grilled Tiffin options are £12.95 each. Every day there will be both meat and veggie options to indulge in. For those opting for a tiffin Grill there is a choice of the show-stopping new Tandoori Chicken Tiffin or a vibrant Veggie Grill Tiffin option with tasty skewers of vegetable and paneer tikka.

A Speedy Lunch Solution

One of the reason the Zouk lunch tiffin is so popular is that it is freshly made mid-morning so that is it ready to be served promptly any time between 12 noon and 4pm. Once you have found your table it takes only a few minutes for your freshly baked naan to be prepared and your lunch is ready to enjoy. Remember to book ahead so we can have your table ready for you.

How to Order and Book The Zouk Lunch Tiffin

To book for a tiffin simply use the links below and make your reservation. The tiffin is an excellent option when dining with larger groups or during a limited lunch hour.

Click here to make a booking for the Zouk Lunch Tiffin

To view the Tiffin Menu click here

Read about Zouk’s famous tiffin here

When Zouk celebrates Eid al-Adha we don’t do it by halves.  This year we’re celebrating with our special saji roast legs of lamb every day of Eid-al-Adha. From 9th July to 13th July you can order a Saji Roast leg of Lamb to eat in or take away. Feasting with family is a huge part of this celebration and we have plenty of options to help you celebrate in style.

Saji Roast Leg of Lamb

At Zouk we like to celebrate Eid al-Adha each year in traditional style with our specialty dish, saji roast leg of lamb. After being marinated for 24 hours this dish is slowly roasted and served up with spicy potatoes and sautéed veg.  Price at £80 and perfect for 4-6 people sharing, this feast is something we love to serve on special occasions.

The chef coats the lamb in a saji marinade

The marinade needs 24 hours to infuse the meat with flavour

Whole Stuffed Lamb

If you are dining with a larger party, then you could opt for our whole stuffed roast lamb. This lamb is again marinated for 24 hours in Zouk’s special blend of herbs & spices before being stuffed with vegetable rice. It is then slowly roasted and basted throughout the cooking process to keep the meat juicy and tender. If you order this special, then you had better bring your appetite as it serves up to 15 people. The price, which is based on the weight of the lamb is roughly £300 or £20 per person but this includes all the accompaniments and trimmings.  To keep things authentic this includes; tasty vegetable pilau, heaps of golden roasted potatoes, delicious sautéed veg and a flavoursome spicy gravy.

Check out our whole roast lamb review by ilovemanchester here for more info on this special occasion feast.


Zouk Celebrates Eid al-Adha at Home

If you prefer to celebrate Eid in the comfort of your own home then you don’t have to miss out on all the fun. You can now order any of our roasts for collection to take away and enjoy at home.  We do require a little notice for this so we have time to marinade the meat, cook it and pack it so that its piping hot and ready to serve when you get it home. Details of how to order this can be found below in the how to order section.

Prefer to prepare a home-made feast? Then take a look at our top tips from head chef Mangal Rawat.  Mangal has shared lots of advice for preparing the perfect roasted lamb raan at home here.

How to Order

For restaurant orders please make your reservation online on our website by clicking here.  In the special requests section please specify which special roast you would like to pre-order and then give the restaurant a call on 0161 2331090 to pay your deposit. If you need any further information or have any questions about booking and ordering feel free to give us a call first to discuss.

For take away order please call the restaurant on 01612331090 or email with details of your request.


Sunday Roast Sharing Platters

Each Sunday Zouk Manchester prepares a whole host of special halal sunday roast dishes. Among the favourites are the Sunday Roast Sharing Platters. Including 3 roasted meats these showstopping platters are great for groups sharing a special Sunday together. Every platter contains all the trimmings from crisp Yorkshire pudds to golden roasted potatoes, seasonal veg and our superb spicy gravy. The meats included are roasted leg of lamb, beef top side and either a whole roasted chicken or poussin.

Zouk Sunday Roast Sharing Platter

This Sharing Platter for 4 includes a Whole Roast Chicken


Platter Prices

2 person platter with whole poussin – £50
4 person platter with whole roast chicken – £100
6 person platter with whole roast chicken and whole poussin – £150

Choose your size and click here to make a booking.

When are they available?

These tasty treats are available every Sunday from 12 noon to 4pm. Please make a booking as we do sell out most Sundays and we cannot offer pre-order on the platers it is simply first come, first serve.

The Secret Saji Roast Marinade

The Zouk chefs believe the secret to a great roast is all in the marinade. Zouk uses a special Saji marinade which originates from Balochistan. There are two stages to the marinade. The first stage is using to tenderise the meat. The second marinade uses tikka paste and a range of other spices to infuse the meat with flavour. You can find a tikka paste recipe here or learn tips for preparing Saji Roast Lamb yourself from our Head Chef Mangal here.

The chef coats the lamb in a saji marinade

The marinade needs 24 hours to infuse the meat with flavour

Whole Roast Lamb

If you are dining with a larger party our Whole Stuffed Lamb could be the perfect treat for Sunday or any day of the week. This fabulous feast comes with roasted new potatoes, spicy gravy, seasonal vegetables and heaps of jewelled rice. The Whole stuffed Lamb must be pre-ordered because it takes 48 hours to marinate and 2 hours to cook.  It can be ordered for dining in the restaurant or alternatively you may order it for collection to be enjoyed at home. Email to pre-order this special roast.

Read more about our Whole Stuffed Lamb here.

Useful Links

To book click here

Read more about our Sunday Roast Sharing Platters with the Manchester Evening News, Manchester’s Finest, Restaurant’s of Manchester or I Love Manchester.

Watch a video of the Zouk Sunday Roast Sharing Platter being served over on the Proper Manchester Facebook page here.


Summer is in full swing at Zouk and our terrace is decked out in stunning tropical flowers. We get tonnes of questions about our terrace so this blog post is here to share all the key information and everything you need to know about Zouk Manchester’s Outside Terrace.

Al Fresco Dining

One of the best things about our terrace is being to eat outside and enjoy a spot of al fresco dining. The space is really relaxed and friendly and we’ve tried to design it as a little tranquil oasis in the heart of Manchester. Inside our restaurant has a thriving atmosphere with the buzz of the theatre kitchen and the hustle and bustle of service, while outside the space is a bit more chilled and with a holiday vibe.

The full a la carte menu is available outside including curries, grilled dishes, seafood and steaks and all our food is halal. At different times of the day, the terrace follows the same pattern as inside with special menus including tiffin lunch, brunch, pre-theatre dining and Sunday roast.*

The terrace is open for outside dining 365 days a year. We don’t take reservations for outside it is walk in’s only for this space.

Al Fresco Dining at Zouk

Small Plates & Starters from the A La Carte Menu

*please note that the brunch and pre-theatre menus have been suspended since the beginning of the pandemic. We expect both to resume in September 2022 and will update our blog and site when the details are confirmed.

Flower Wall

Our flower wall is something we just love. We get loads of complements on it and it is a key part of the terrace decor. The flowers help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It’s also a great selfie spot and we love to change it throughout the year to reflect each season.  Every month we run a photo competition on our social media. Be sure to tag us in your photos with #youhadmeatzouk for your chance to win.  Lucky winners get to enjoy a meal for two on the house when they next visit.

Zouk Terrace Flower Wall

The flower wall is a great selfie spot

All Weather Features

Our terrace features state-of-the-art technology. This includes an electric roof which can open fully during sunny spells. It can also be swiftly closed as required. This proves handy in a city like Manchester, where the rain is never far away. We also have numerous heaters, and warming blankets to keep the space cosy during cooler months. Read more about the terrace in the Manchester Evening News here.

Zouk Lamb Shank Biryani

Lamb Shank Biryani is one of our specialities


Shisha is available daily on the terrace from 12 noon to midnight. As there is smoking and shisha permitted in Zouk Manchester’s outside terrace, the whole area is strictly for those aged 21 and over.  This means that unfortunately we cannot permit families with children to dine on the terrace, however, children are always welcome inside the restaurant.

Our shisha starts from £17 and we would recommend one shisha for every two people in a party. All our shisha pipes are throughly cleaned after every use. We also provide disposable tips for every guest.

There are a variety of shisha flavours available and we also offer special blends and pineapple shisha heads. Your waiter will be able to give details of what is available during your visit. When making a booking to dine inside the restaurant, we recommend that if you wish to have shisha outside after your meal you put a note on the ‘special requests’ section when booking so the team can prepare a table outside after your meal.

Shisha is available on the Zouk Manchester Outside Terrace 365 days a year

Pineapple Head Shisha is Available on the Zouk Terrace

Hiring Zouk Manchester’s Outside Terrace

The terrace is available to hire for parties and special events.  Please email for more information on terrace hire. Please note we also have a space inside suitable for hire which is our mezzanine floor. The mezzanine and the outside terrace can both accommodate parities of up to 90 people.

An entertainer at a terrace private party

A Party Entertainer on Zouk Manchester’s Outside Terrace

To make a booking here

To view the menu click here

Ahead of this year’s Eid celebrations Zouk head chef, Mangal Rawat, shares his tips on how to best prepare and cook whole roast lamb raan.

Eid al-Adha – the Festival of Sacrifice

If you are planning to celebrate Eid al-Adha at home this month then one of the most obvious choices for your family meal is roast lamb raan. Eid al-Adha or the ‘festival of sacrifice’ is one of two Islamic holidays celebrated throughout the world. Lamb is very traditional for this celebration because it pays homage to the story of Ibrahim. Ibrahim was prepared to sacrifice his son at god’s command but instead sacrificed a whole lamb when god intervened. Traditionally a whole lamb or sheep would be prepared and cooked for the feast to commemorate this sacrifice. The sheep would then be divided into 3 parts.  One part for the home, one for relatives and the third would be given to the poor and needy.

Often it is not practical to prepare and cook a whole lamb at home so a leg of lamb is chosen instead. At Zouk we offer special roasts all year round and families or groups of friends choose to celebrate special occasion in the restaurant with a whole roast saji lamb or roasted leg or lamb which we serve up with all the trimmings.

ilovemanchester came to the restaurant earlier this year to try out the famous Zouk Whole Stuffed Lamb Raan.  Check out their review here

Tips from chef Mangal

‘Lamb is so popular in the restaurant and if you follow these simple steps it is easy to prepare a traditional family meal that is satisfying and full of flavour.’ Head Chef, Mangal Rawat.

Sourcing and Preparing the Meat

Leg of lamb

The lamb shouldn’t have too much fat so excess should be removed

1st Marinade

2nd Marinade

Indian lamb being prepared for roasting

The second marinade needs 24 hours to infuse the meat with flavour


If you are not feeling quite ready to dive in to preparing roast raan lamb at home then you can still delight family and friends with our Zouk Saji roast lamb.  As well as serving up this treat in the restaurant we can also cook it for you to take away and enjoy at home.  Simply give the restaurant a call on 0161 233 1090 for details on how to place your order.

To make a booking for Eid al-Adha at Zouk click here

To enjoy Zouk Whole Roast Lamb Raan in the restaurant this dish must be pre-ordered 48 hours in advance.  Please call the restaurant on 0161 233 1090 for more information or to discuss.

View our Zouk Tikka Paste recipe here 

Let Zouk Cater your Special Occasion

Zouk Live BBQ Event Catering is the perfect way to dazzle guests at your special occasion. We Brits love a good BBQ and our menu of Indian inspired dishes is perfect for a summer wedding or al fresco event. Each dish is carefully prepared in a delicious marinade and then cooked live on site. Theatre is a huge part of the Indian dining experience. As the popularity of Live BBQ’s has grown in the UK our grill offers the perfect event centrepiece. Treat your guests to an Indian feast to remember by booking Zouk and they can enjoy the tempting aromas from our Live BBQ grill as they mingle.

Live BBQ Event Catering by Zouk

Grilled options include burgers, lamb chops, steaks and kebabs

Kebabs & Skewers

Chicken lovers will be spoilt for choice!  Specialities like Methi Malai Tikka, Tandoori Chicken Drumsticks and Punjabi Lollipop Chicken Wings are all on the menu. But it wouldn’t be a traditional BBQ without Zouk’s classic Chicken Imlee. Dig into these delicious skewers of tender pieces of chicken tikka. Everybody loves Chicken tikka and ours comes with a delicious tangy imlee dipping sauce – delicious!

Lamb dishes include old favourites like Seekh Kebab and Lamb Chops plus Zouk’s special Chilo Kebab which is made with prime cuts of juicy lamb fillet. King Prawns, Salmon and Paneer Tikka provide options for veggies and Seafood fans too.

Zouk Live BBQ non meat options

Paneer Tikka is the perfect vegetarian dish


Grilled Classics

Build your perfect menu with a range of delicious BBQ dishes to complete your kebabs and skewers. From burgers and steaks to sausages and hot dogs, we have every BBQ favourite on offer. All Zouk food is halal and sausage options include merguez moroccan style sausage or halal beef sausages. Simply select your favourite dishes and then choose your accompaniments.

Book Live BBQ Event Catering

Our live BBQ is perfect for outdoor events and pricing options can include the marquee set up, a traditional Indian charcoal bbq, a team of chefs and all serving equipment if required. If your venue already offers some of these elements just let us know and we can create a bespoke package. Don’t forget we also offer a wide selection of salads, accompaniments and chutneys too. Create your dream banquet now by booking Zouk for your event!

View the Live BBQ Menu here

Click here to make an enquiry or for more information on Zouk’s Catering services.

Read about Zouk’s food here.

Halal dining at Zouk Manchester

Halal dining at Zouk is easy because the whole menu is halal.  This includes everything from curries and kebabs to steaks, burgers, seafood and even our Sunday roast. Zouk is open daily from 12 noon to midnight for dining indoors or outside on the all weather terrace.

Sundays are a little bit special with a halal roast Sunday dinner served from 12 noon to 4pm. The Sunday menu includes top side of beef, roast leg of lamb and whole chicken or poussin served with a tasty spiced gravy. It wouldnt be a roast without all the trimmings! That’s why our plated Sunday roasts also include golden roasted potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and seasonal vegetables. We also offer Sunday sharing platters which serve 2, 4 or 6 people and include 3 tasty meats!

On Sunday evenings the a la carte menu is available from 4pm onwards with all Zouk’s much-loved curries, kebabs and grilled dishes.

Why Halal?

Zouk founders Tayub and Mudassar keep a halal diet, which is why it is important for them to only source and serve halal food in the restaurant. They have worked hard to source the finest halal suppliers in Manchester to ensure the quality and as well as the authenticity of each dish on the menu. They have also strived to create a menu that offers more choice for halal dining with a range of premium halal steaks and halal Sunday roast as well curries and kebabs.

Chicken Tikka is on the halal menu

Halal Chicken Tikka cooking on the charcoal grill

Grilled Dishes

Our Manchester restaurant features a theatre style kitchen where diners can watch our chefs at work taming woks and sizzling grills. The grill is the heart of the restaurant serving traditional dishes like Seekh Kebab, Chicken Tikka, Malai Tikka, Tandoori Prawns and Tandori Chicken Drumsticks. We also offer some more unusual dishes like our juicy Chilo Lamb Kebab and Punjabi Chicken Lollipops with pomegranate molases.

All zouk curries are halal

Zouk sources the finest cuts of halal meat for its curries


If the grill is the heart of the kitchen then our curries are the soul. Zouk is known for its mouth-watering curries. The menu includes traditional karahis, handis and biryanis. We also offer classics such as Butter Chicken, Chicken Jalfrezi and our much-loved Chicken Tikka Masala. Our Lamb dishes include our signature Lahori style Lamb Nihari, our head chef’s speciality Lamb Lazeez and our spectacular Lamb Shank special, Lamb Sultani. The menu is the perfect mix of classic Pakistani dishes and regional specialities from all over the Indian sub-continent.

Each month our chefs add a selection of monthly specials. This provides customers with the chance to enjoy unique regional dishes rarely seen in the UK.

Halal dining at Zouk includes steaks

A Halal T-Bone Steak on the Grill


Our range of halal steaks includes chicken, lamb fillet, and a selection of premium beef steaks. The halal beef steaks on offer include Fillet, T-Bone, Cote de Boeuf, Tomahawk, Aged Marble Rib Eye and Chateaubriand. Each steak is served with chips, vegetables and a choice of sauce. Read more about our premium steaks here.

Whole Chicken Special Roasts

The Whole Roast Chicken comes with all the trimmings

Special Roasts

Not dining on a Sunday but eager for a special Saji roast? No problem! Our special roasts include whole roast chicken, leg of lamb and whole stuffed lamb. Each of these can be ordered throughout the week for dining in the restaurant or for takeaway. Just remember to let us know in advance as a great saji roast needs to be slowly roasted. Click here for more info on our halal special roasts.

Burgers & Shwarmas

Grab a burger or shwarma from the grill and enjoy a side of our perfectly cooked hand-cut maris piper potato chips as the perfect accompaniment. Our halal chicken, lamb and Wagu beef burgers are each served in a brioche bun.  For the Zouk shwarma’s, the finest cuts of chicken or lamb are used. Each is lovingly cooked on our charcoal grill and served in a wrap with pickle and salad.

Book Halal Dining at Zouk

To book click here

Useful Links

Read more about Halal dining at Zouk on Restaurants of Manchester 

Zouk’s Best Vegan Dishes including Popular Starters, Mains and Sides 

At Zouk we have a wide selection of vegan dishes on the menu all year round. From classic starters and sides to our own signature vegan dishes like Vegetable Tikka.

Vegan dishes

Zouk’s vegan falafel comes with hummus


Falafel – A great starter or sharing side and they are not only supremely tasty, they are filling and nutritious too. Zouk falafel is served with hummus and there is a great selection of other chutneys and raita you can order too.

Hummus – Zouk’s owns special blend of hummus with chick peas, tahini, lemon and spices.

Vegetable Tikka – This works as a sharing starter or a main course for one. Includes char-grilled red onions, courgette, peppers and aubergine.  Served with basmati rice and a choice of raita or tomato masala.


Zouk Chole Masala - Vegan Dishes

Chole Masala is a popular Vegan main course


Main courses

Palak Aloo – The humble potato is never better than when it’s part of this vegan curry. This comforting bowlful of goodness also includes spinach, spices, coriander and fenugreek.

Milli Juli Sabzi – Enjoy your 5 a day all in one go in this jam packed veg curry. The spicy tomato masala fuses all the veg together in a deliciously more-ish vegetable curry.

Bindi – Bindi is basically a Punjabi curry made from green vegetables called Orka or ladies fingers. Order this for a medium spiced curry that’s full of flavour.

Chole Masala – Famed from Deli to the Punjab this is a classic street food dish of chickpeas in a tomato masala. This version of channa masala is good any time!

Vegetable Biryani – This is a superb main course for vegan diners. Cooked in layers of rice, vegetable and spices so the herbs and flavours infuse ever bite. It is served with raita.


Vegan dishes at Zouk - Vegetable Biryani

A traditional Vegetable Biryani


Mango Salad – Simple, elegant and healthy. This diced fresh mango salad includes mixed leaves, onions, peppers & pomegranate. All tossed in a lemon and coriander dressing

Gunpowder Chips – Our much loved hand cut maris piper chips coated in a sprinkling of chaat masala.

Vegetable Rice – Quality basmati cooked with herbs, spices and seasonal vegetables.

Lemon Rice – Quality basmati rice cooked with delicate aromatic spices and freshly squeezed lemon

Mango Salad

Fresh Mango Salad with Chaat Masala

Make a Booking

Make your booking now or learn more by clicking on the links below.

Click here to make a booking

Read about Zouk food here

Father’s Day at Zouk means delicious food, relaxing surroundings and most importantly no washing up! This Father’s Day at Zouk there is even more good news….a free beer for every dad! We’ve teamed up with Kingfisher to make sure dads get an extra treat this June 19th. We’re delighted to say we’ll be spoiling every dad with a beer (or soft drink) on us.  Treat dad to something a bit special this Father’s Day. Simply book in for lunch or dinner at Zouk!

We’ll be serving our tasty Sunday Roast menu from 12 noon to 5pm and you can dine indoors or al fresco on the terrace. Book your table now by clicking here or read on for a bit more info on what’s on offer.

Free Kingfisher for dads at Zouk

There’s A Free Kingfisher for Every Dad at Zouk this June 19th

A Kingfisher for your King

Call us biased, but in our book nothing quite says ‘I love you dad’ like a curry and a beer. What could be more perfect than kicking back with an ice cold Kingfisher and a fabulous Indian feast this Father’s Day? Thanks to our friends at Kingfisher we will be treating every dad to a beer on us to kick start the celebrations. All you need to do to claim dads free beverage (a Kingfisher beer or soft drink) is simply book in online at your preferred time and add a note saying ‘Father’s Day’ to the special request box. We will do the rest.*

Traditional Sunday Roast

Our classic roast menu has something for everyone. Red meat lovers can opt for our roast topside of beef or a mini lamb roast with all the trimmings and a choice of traditional or spicy Zouk gravy. Our Whole roasted Poussin is a plate of perfection and for veggies the Zouk Vegetable tikka is a feast for your tastebuds. Each plated roast comes with seasonal vegetables, Yorkshire Puddings, a choice of gravy and golden roasted potatoes.

Top Side of Beef

Traditional Roasts Include Top Side of Beef & Whole Roast Poussin

Special Saji Roast

If you think your dad would enjoy a Sunday Roast with a twist then our special saji roasts will make a spectacular meal. Order a leg of lamb for 4 to 6 people or a whole roast lamb for up to 15 people and enjoy a show-stopping meal to remember. Our lamb saji roasts are prepared to order so do let us know when booking so we have time to create your feast. The lamb is marinated for 24 hours in a special blend of herbs and spices. Before roasting the whole lamb is also stuffed with jewelled pilau rice.

Each saji roast comes with seasonal vegetables and golden roasted potatoes plus our signature famous spicy gravy. Be sure to bring your appetite when digging into these tasty treats. Please note the whole roast lamb serves up to 15 people. Pre-order is required 48 hours in advance of your booking. Read a review of our Saji Roasts by Manchester’s Finest here.

Sunday Roast Platter

The Sunday Roast Platter goes perfectly with a Kingfisher Beer

Sensational Sharing Platters

Our special Sunday roast platters are perfect for family celebrations. Including 3 roasted meats, Yorkshire puds, golden roasties and heaps of veg they make Sunday’s super satisfying. Available for 2, 4 or 6 people if you love Sunday roast then our sharing platters are hard to resist. Remember to pre-order to avoid disappointment as they sell our fast.

The meats included in the platter are roasted leg of lamb, beef top side and whole roasted chicken or poussin. (NB platters for 2 will include a poussin while platters for 4 or 6 may include a chicken or two poussin depending on the sizes available).

Father's Day at Zouk Enjoy Currys and Sunday Roast

Lamb Sultani is one of the curry options

Sunday Roast v’s Sunday Curry

You can’t resist a roast but dads craving a curry? Don’t panic! At Zouk you can have both every Sunday! While serving our Sunday Roast menu we also offer a selection of our best-loved curries every Sunday from 12 noon to 5pm. Options include karahi’s, biryanis, our fabulous Butter Chicken and or our signature Lamb Nihari and Sultani dishes. Whatever dads dinner of choice is, give him a real treat this Father’s Day at Zouk.

Father’s Day at Zouk

We’re taking online bookings only at the moment so please visit to make your reservation. Remember to add any special requests like a sharing platter or Saji Leg of Lamb to your booking notes.

Click here now to book your table for Sunday 19th June.

*A choice of any house soft drink, mocktail or hot drink is available for any dads who would like an alcoholic free beverage. Terms & conditions: This promotion provides  one free Kingfisher or soft drink for every dad who is booked in for a main course meal at Zouk on Sunday 19th June 2022. There is no cash alternative and the promotion is available on this date only.

Zouk Grilled Sharing Platters

With the summer holidays just around the corner and old freedoms being restored it is finally time to celebrate. Join us in the restaurant for a celebratory feast, with one of our fabulous Zouk grilled sharing platters. These decadent platters are the perfect present to treat yourself to when dining out with friends or family. Featuring a tempting and tasty selection of our best-selling dishes they are tasty treats for dining out in style. Served on a huge platter and beautifully dressed with delicious dips and sides the platters offer something for every diner.

Zouk Grilled Platters for sharing

Enjoy our much-loved Chicken Tikka, Lamb Chops and Tandoori Prawns

Signature Zouk Grilled dishes

The Zouk Grilled Sharing Platters include tasty char-grilled Chicken Tikka and Lamb Chops plus our fabulous Seekh Kebab. We have also included a real treat for seafood lovers by including our delicious Tandoori King Prawns.

A tasty grilled sharing platter

Accompaniments include bread, hummus, salad and chutney


The platter offers a complete meal with heaps of sides and accompaniments to enjoy. Dig into Zouk’s special blend hummus with a chunk of freshly baked naan bread. Or enjoy the zingy flavours of our refreshing Katchumber salad and the Sweet and zesty mango salad. There is also a selection of chutneys including cool mint sauce, sweet mango and tangy imlee to complement the grilled meats.

Zouk Grilled Platter for 2

The sharing platter is also available for 2 people

Platters for 2 or 4

Dine with family or friends and dig in to the best-loved Zouk dishes. These decadent platters are the ultimate sharing dishes. Enjoy a platter for 4 for £100 or a platter for 2 for £50.

Make a Booking

Enjoy a Zouk Grilled Sharing Platter on your next evening out. At this time the restaurant is taking online bookings only. Make your booking now or learn more by clicking on the links below.

Click here to make a booking

Read about our Zouk food here