Bottomless Birds & Beverages at Zouk Manchester

Bottomless Birds & Beverages: An evening of unlimited food, drink and entertainment at Zouk Manchester 

Starting on 4th October 2018 our Bottomless Birds & Beverages event is a chance to induge in as much of our tasty roasted chicken as you can eat. Whenever we make this dish for a meeting or team get together it turns into a bit of a scramble and within minutes we have nabbed our favourite pieces and picked the chicken clean – there is nothing left but bones!  This made us think that sometimes you really cant get too much of a good thing!  This unlimited event has been created for all our customers and you can book now online…

Bottomless Birds & Beverages Event

Our booths are great for small groups


Now it wouldn’t really be umlimited unless we threw in the drinks and sides too so that is just what we’ve done.  For the price of only £30 you can have as much of our sajji roasted chicken as you can eat and as much of your drink of choice too.  Tables are for 1 and 1/2 hours only folks as we want to stay responsible.  But it is totally unlimited within this time to ensure the price you pay includes absolutley everything.  So here’s the fine details…

Zouk Manchester cocktails  from our Bottonless Birds & Beverages Event

Kir Royal, The Romance and Mimosa… some of the prosecco cocktails available at Zouk


How to book…

To book in for our Bottomless Birds & Beverages Event simply visit our bookings page and select 4th October.  Choose any time that works for you between5:00pm and 10:30pm.  Our kitchen closes at midnight to the last setting will me 10:30pm.

If you require any further information of for details on allergies, alternatives for vegetarians or the full range of cocktails please contact

For more information on our full menu

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Spicy baked eggs

Zouk Baked Bombay Eggs – one of our signature brunch dishes