Eid 2017 at Zouk Manchester

This Eid we are celebrating in style with a unique and authentic Asian style roast.  Zouk whole roasted Raan lamb is marinated in papaya, ginger, garlic and cardamoms and then stuffed with aromatic jeweled rice.  This ultimate occasion dish contains only the finest ingredients including special deghi mirch chillies from Kashmir, renowned not just for heat but for their fantastic flavor too.  

The luxurious jeweled rice is peppered with nuts and raisins and placed in the cavity of the lamb where the juices can permeate to every last grain throughout the cooking process.  The lamb is continuously basted to ensure the meat remains succulent and tender and it is accompanied with Indian style roast potatoes and what might just be the best gravy you’ve ever tasted!  

The Raan platter includes freshly carved slices of raan lamb piled on top of a generous mound of jeweled rice and accompanied by spicy potatoes, a sizzling side of gobi mattar in a tomato masala and the delicious and glutinous raan gravy.  

Zouk Owner Mudassar Amjad said ‘We often do a Zouk version of raan or whole roast lamb for weddings and special occasions but it is only really suitable for larger parties or private functions and it’s not something you can have every day.  This is what makes it the ultimate occasion dish and perfect for Eid as it’s a real treat after a long month of fasting.  My chefs are preparing and slowly cooking several whole lambs on Sunday so that customers can order this delicious dish as a platter to share.  Even if your group is small you can enjoy our Raan lamb without the hefty price tag you’d get if you were ordering a whole lamb.  It’s one of my all time favorite dishes because I love lamb anyway and the way the rice is cooked makes it so so tasty.  Whenever we have a family celebration I always get the chefs to make this as a special treat.’

Whole Stuffed Raan Lamb £35 for a sharing platter for 3 to 4 people.

Zouk is renowned for its special roasts, which are available 7 days a week and include Whole Roast Chicken and Leg of Lamb.  The Whole Stuffed Raan Lamb is available upon request for special occasions and Zouk wanted to help customers celebrate Eid by preparing a special whole stuffed lamb on Sunday that can be ordered by smaller groups of family and friends and is ideal as a sharing platter along with a selection of your favourite dishes