Gluten Free Meals in Manchester

Eating out with a food intolerance or allergy can be really tough, so at Zouk we’ve created a whole menu of gluten free meals for everyone to enjoy. We welcome all food lovers so make sure you talk to our experienced staff when you come for a meal at ZOUK in Manchester or Bradford who can give you comprehensive advice to enjoy your Indian meal.

Here are our top gluten free dishes from our menu:

Chooza Chaat – A zingy starter served up with delicious roasted peppers and succulent pieces of shredded chicken are marinated in a blend of spices, olive-oil and lemon juice and then pan-fried to create a light and zesty starter. 

Zouk’s Railway Curry – Zouk’s take on a traditional Railway curry; a Rajasthan lamb curry cooked on the bone using natural yoghurt and both fresh green chilli and dried red Kashmiri chilies. Hot and super tasty.


King Prawn & Baby Spinach – An innovative sizzling dish infused stir fried with ginger and delicate spices for an extra kick.

Zouk Image 24 King Prawn and Baby Spinach by Will Shaddock Photography HR

Spiced Sea Bream – A light and healthy dish which is pan-fried in a spicy crust topping and wrapped in a banana leaf. Served with a tangy coconut and red chilli chutney, this delightful delicate fish becomes a tasty meal with fresh and spicy highlights.

Chicken Tikka Masala – An Indian classic with chicken pieces marinated in yoghurt, barbecued over charcoals for a smoky flavour and tossed inside a Baltic of garlic and ginger.

Chicken & Spinach – A flavoursome dish of chicken cooked with spinach, fenugreek and ginger making a robust main course.

Lamb Laziz – A Punjabi style curry slowly cooked in aromatic spices in a traditional handi.

Zouk Image 28 Lamb_Laziz_2_HR

Chicken Khabani – If you like it hot, then this is the curry for you with aromatic spices, fiery red chillies and apricots adding a hint of sweetness and topped with potato straws.

Crispy Calamari – A simple starter that fish lovers will enjoy with Calamari cooked in a spicy butter and served up with saffron mayonnaise and slice of lemon.

If that’s not enough, all of our special roasts are gluten free so order for all the family with the Whole Roast Chicken or Leg of Lamb plus vegetables, potatoes, and you guessed it, gluten free gravy.

Special Roast - Leg of Lamb