Journey through India Event: The South

We’re now taking bookings for our Journey through India Event: The South. After the first two successful events, Zouk Tea Bar & Grill are joining with Manchester’s Finest again to take you on a journey through Southern India.

Hosted on our Mezzanine dining space, we will take you on a gastronomic journey through the southern region of the Indian sub-continent.

Few cuisines in the world as diverse as Indian with geography, climate & tradition all playing a role in shaping the food.

This culinary adventure takes you on a tastebud tingling journey through southern India, exploring delicacies for  Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Goa.

You will enjoy a rich five-course menu that has been created by our restaurant owner Mudassar Amjad and his Head Chef Mongal Rowat. We appreciate that typical Indian restaurant’s showcase dishes from just one region of the sub-continent – but there is so much more to be discovered.  

This exciting dining experience gives you a chance to see this for yourselves.

Journey through the south

For just £25.00 per head, our set menu will feature 5 courses from Southern Indian regions, with dishes such as rich Goan Fish Curry, tangy Crab and Ginger Salad and a creamy Coconut Laddoo. All served with classic regional breads, rice, raita and chuntey for a rich and fulfilling experience.

The full menu is as follows :

Crab & Ginger Salad

Black Pepper Chicken Fry
Spiced Prawns

Second Course
Masala Dosa with Potato & Coconut

Main Course
Hyderabadi Lamb Biryani
Goan Fish Curry
Chicken Xacuti or Andhra Curry leaf Chicken
Regional breads, rice, raita and chuntey

Vermicelli Dessert & Coconut Laddoo

Set menu £25.00 per head
Tickets purchased in advance

Each element has been perfectly placed together to create the perfect balance of flavour and take you on a real journey of this exciting region. Find our more and book your place on the magical taste experience today – BOOK.