Lactose Free Meals in Manchester

Our menu is so varied that we can easily serve up dishes which are Gluten Free, Lactose (and dairy) Free and suitable for Vegans as well as having the signature Zouk taste you’d expect in our Manchester and Bradford restaurants. All of our curries are made with butter ghee but if you let us know when you visit us that you would like your dish Lactose Free, we can make your tasty dish with vegetable oil instead. Here’s our top Lactose Free dishes

Scallops – Appetizing Scallops marinated with herbs and tangy spices, once grilled, they are irresistible and deliciously bitesize!


Punjabi Lollipops – Succulent chicken wings marinated with unique pomegranate and tangy spices cooked gently over blazing charcoal. Sticky, sweet, spicy and yummy.


Karahi – The Karahi is a traditional dish which hails from the North West area of Pakistan and it’s served up in Zouk with our signature twist. Our Karahi can be served up with either Lamb, Chicken, Minced Lamb, King Prawn or go all-out with Zouk’s Special Karahi dish which combines Chicken, Lamb, mushrooms and potatoes. This spicy and sumptuous dish is cooked over fiery flames adding tomatoes, crushed peppercorns, cumin, ginger & garlic.


Seekh Kebab – Our tasty minced Lamb kebabs are served with delicious ginger, juicy spices and chili. Perfect for food lovers everywhere and bursting with flavour. 

Handi – Our aromatic Handi can be ordered with chunks of Lamb or Chicken for a delicious, hearty curry. This Punjabi style dish is slow cooked for a deep flavour and combines sweet tomatoes with tangy onions, garlic & Zouk’s garam masala. Can we order one right now please?


Humous – Our popular fresh Humous is made with chickpeas and herbs served with delectable mini naan breads of course! Happy dipping!

Goan Fish Curry – A light and fragrant delicate Haddock curry cooked with the sweetest coconut and added spice from curry leaves and cracked mustard.


Masala Mirch – Fresh Jalapeno chili filled with herbs, spices in a lively unique tomato sauce, excite your tastebuds.

Crispy Calamari – A best-selling starter at Zouk, the Crispy Calamari is served hot and cooked in a spicy batter with a slice of lemon and saffron flavoured mayonnaise. So satisfying!


Tava Lamb – Zouk’s special creation – a pick n mix of the curry world! We’ll give you crispy spicy Lamb with pickles, chutney and pancakes and you can serve them up any way you like them. Mix and match to your heart’s desire.


Spiced Sea Bream – If you were on holiday at a far flung sunny destination and had spent all day relaxing and sunbathing, this would be exactly what you’d like to be served up. Sea Bream coated in a subtle  spice and pan-friend served up in a tropical banana leaf and accompanied by coconut and red chilli chutney. Now, can you hear the sea?


Chicken Liver – Zouk’s Chicken Liver packs a punch with crushed chillies adding extra flavour to this lavish dish which is grilled to perfection.


Railway Curry – A monster of a curry with scorching hot green and red chillies and a splash of natural yoghurt to take the edge off.


Biryani – How good does this look? Our Biryani can be made with Chicken, King Prawns or Lamb and uses a traditional method from the Provence of Sindh with Basmati rice cooked with potatoes, spices and garam masala. Enjoy this tasty dish with raita or curry sauce.


Other Lactose Free dishes on our menu include: Falafel, Paya, Magaz, Jalfrezi, Sea Bass, Bindi, Palak Aloo, Chicken Jalfrezi, Chicken Khabani, Chooza Chaat, Vegetable Tikka, Lamb Nihari, Salmon, Zouk Seafood Special, Lobstion Gwadri Khas, Lamb Fillet Steak, 8oz Beef Rib Eye Steak.

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