New Specials at Zouk: Autumn 2020

New specials at Zouk AND more sunshine….it seems 2020 finally has some good news! We are set to have an Indian summer (for the next week at least) and we don’t intend to waste even a day of it. From Wednesday this week we’ll be opening daily for lunch from 12 noon. Make the most of these stolen days of sunshine and come and join us on the terrace.

We have some fabulous new specials inspired by the Indian summer to give your taste buds a tingle. Here’s what we have in store:


New Specials at Zouk

The new specials are available daily from 12 noon to midnight. We’ve included 2 fabulous starters and 2 new main courses with a mixture of lamb, chicken, and seafood to enjoy.

Special Starter Mustard King Prawns

Mustard King Prawns are a great starter for seafood lovers

Special Starters

Star Anise Chicken Kebabs (£5.95) is a great starter if you love kebabs and dishes. Try it if you like chicken tikka but fancy trying something a little bit different. Succulent char-grilled chicken pieces are marinated in a thick paste of spices, ground cashews nuts & ground star anise. This combination gives a deliciously nutty and aromatic flavour to every bite.

For sea-foodies we have a real treat in store with our pan-fried Mustard King Prawns (£8.95). These juicy sea gems are bursting with fresh flavours.  A special blend of mustard seeds, yoghurt and fresh green chillies gives just the right level of heat.

Special Main Course Chicken & Fenugreek Curry

This special orginates from Katsur just outside Lahore

Special Mains

If you’d like to try a traditional Pakistani regional dish then it doesn’t get more regional than this Chicken & Fenugreek Curry (£10.95).  Originating from Katsur and using their world-famous fenugreek this curry chicken curry uses famous Katsuri methi or dried fenugreek leaves. Katsur is a small town in Pakistan near Lahore famed for producing the best fenugreek in the world. This unique spice can be used in several ways with fresh or dry leaves or dried seeds.  However in this classic dish the dried leaves are used to enhance flavour and aroma and impart a fresh slightly herb taste to the curry.

We always like to include on truly indulgent dish in our specials and the Lamb Passanda (£11.95) is just that. Originating in Mugal India, this dish uses slices of the finest lamb fillet, which are pounded and then cooked in a thick tomato masala.  The curry sauce is a lavish blend of tomatoes, creamy yoghurt, ginger and spices. Fit for a Mogul and the most discerning Manchester foodie! Come and indulge yourself with our Passanda.

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