Our Website is Here!

It’s finally here! Welcome to our new site one and all! After a lot of hard work, design and development, hours spent on photography, and the odd tear now and again, we can finally say our new website is live!

If you have previously visited our old website, you will notice a vast amount of changes that have been implemented on our new site. Our amazing designer, Abdul, has drawn up a completely new, fresh and contemporary design, that perfectly shows off the style and personality of the Zouk brand. Using a brand new feature, our responsive design now flows freely down your screen, building itself as you scroll.

We have tried our best to put every aspect of Zouk’s brand into our new website, in order to give you, the customer, an in-depth look into just what you can expect when visiting. We have incorporated a large amount of professional images, so if you haven’t yet had the pleasure of visiting, you can get a feel for the restaurant’s ambience and vibe.

With an easy to use, fluent navigation bar, you can now easily click through to one of our many informative and interesting pages. Take our culture section for example, check out what the Zouk way of life is in our All About Zouk section, when we’re on tour, our feedback, awards and more importantly our amazing gallery, after all, who wouldn’t want to see a delicious range of Indian cuisine!

If you’ve always fancied yourself as a chef, then why not check out our new cookery school pages. If you didn’t already know, we run regular cooking classes here at Zouk, headed up by our top chefs. So if it’s appetisers, sides or delicious main Indian dishes you fancy having a go at, give our cookery school page a read.

If you just want the food brought straight to your table, then check out our brand new menu pages, specially designed to help you find your perfect meal! We also have a range of new information regarding our corporate bookings of the mezzanine, parties and groups, and private dining and hire – all available on our new bookings page! If you haven’t already heard, Zouk also take part in a range of events, touring the country in the Kuckoos street food van! You can read all about this, and even check out where we are going to be next by visiting the Tour page!

Also, make sure you keep a keen eye on our news/blog section for a range of tips, tricks, recipes, and news on Zouk and Indian cooking in general. Take a look at our existing posts, including a look into the Top Ten Food Trends of 2015, 3 Currys You Can Make at Home, How You Can Spice up Your Salads, 7 Key Spices of Indian Cuisine and many more! We will also be sharing a range of delicious recipes brought to you by our very own chefs, as well as giving you the chance to chip in on what you would like us to write about by letting us know on social media.