Premium Halal Beef Steaks Are Back At Zouk

If you love a good steak then get yourself down to our restaurant this weekend. We’ll be relaunching the premium halal beef steaks at Zouk Friday, meaning steak is firmly back on the menu. All the meat served in our restaurant is halal and carefully sourced.  Our premium beef steaks are no exception and use only the finest cuts available. A great steak comes from sourcing the finest quality meat and ensuring it is prepared and cooked to perfection.

Each of our premium beef steaks is marinated in Zouk’s special blend of herbs & spices.  This keeps the meat tender and infuses it with more flavour. Our chefs cook each seak to order depending on personal preference. We offer a range of sauces to accompany our steaks. Among the most popular are the Zouk sauce, a delightful spicy tomato based sauce, which compliments red meat perfectly and our very own creamy peppercorn sauce.

There is nothing more satisfying, delicious or nutritious then a tender and juicy steak served sizzling hot straight from the grill. At Zouk each comes with an abundance of hand cut maris piper potato chips and sautéed seasonal veg.

All you need to do now is let us know how you like yours…

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Zouk Premium Halal Beef Steaks Include:

Beef Fillet Steak

Everybody’s favourite when looking for a juicy and tender steak. This comes from the finest cut of tenderloin which is the most prized cut of beef.  Fillet is taken from the smaller end of the tenderloin where the muscle is not weight-bearing.  This is what makes this steak so incredibly tender and tasty.

Zouk's Premium Halal Beef Steak

A Beef fillet steak Sizzling on the grill

T-Bone Beef Steak

This much loved steak is sometimes known as porterhouse and is cut from the short loin or sirloin. T-bone steaks contain a small section of tenderloin and are therefore considered one of the highest quality steaks you can tuck into.

Zouk's T-Bone Beef Steak

Zouk’s T-Bone steak is marinated in herbs & spices before cooking

Rib Eye Aged Marble 8oz Steak

This steak is taken from the rib section and is both flavoursome and tender. The marbling of fat throughout the meat and the ageing process give it extra depth. Rib Eye is the perfect steak for cooking quickly on Zouk’s sizzling grill.


Côte de Boeuf

Also known as fore rib steak, this delicious cut is French inspired and full of flavour. Like this rib eye, this cut also has rich marbling throughout giving it a full flavour. As it is cut on the rib bone, extra flavour is released during the cooking process.


Zouk relaunch premium halal beef steaks this weekend.  View the full menu here

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