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Is your lunchtime routine in need a bit of spicing up? Had enough of meal deals and soggy sandwiches? Well we have a treat for you! Stop by Zouk in Manchester or Bradford and you’ll find the much-loved lunchtime Tiffin is the perfect midday meal. Whether you’re looking for a break from shopping, or stopping off during your working day or perhaps you fancy moving your office meeting to Zouk, whatever the reason, the Tiffin will answer your prayers.

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The Zouk Tiffin is a complete meal and contains Indian inspired food infused with Zouk’s signature spices for a quick, healthy and low cost lunchtime option. It is available seven days a week and changes daily with a tasty and delicious meat and vegetarian option each day.

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Still not sure what a Tiffin is? Here’s a little history (don’t worry, we’ll be quick): the Tiffin originates from Mumbai from around 1890 and is traditionally a metal box which usually has three layers with each compartment containing part of this delicious and nutritious home cooked meal. Each day in Mumbai the Tiffins boxes are collected from a workers home in the morning by dabbawallas (box carriers) and delivered back to them at lunchtime. You’ll be delighted to know that the Tiffin is so ingrained in Mumbai’s culture that it still exists today and in fact dabbawallas continue to run the service even during the monsoon season. See you learn something new every day!


True to its heritage, the Tiffin is simple but effective and the changing menu offers variety with food beautifully cooked by Zouk’s expert chefs using only the freshest ingredients.

Tiffin 2

So at Zouk your Tiffin will include two curries, a rice accompaniment, freshly baked naan bread and a side dish or traditional salad – see enough even if you’re really hungry! A meat tiffin might include a Chicken Imlee, Lamb and Channa and Chicken Tikka Massala or for vegetarians Paneer Tikka, Palak Paneer and Tarka Dall. For calorie conscious workers in Manchester or Bradford, a Zouk Tiffin Grill is a light and healthy option containing a skewer of meat or vegetables, marinated in Zouk’s special tikka marinade and char-grilled over hot coals for a smoky finish. Each skewer is served with a fresh green salad, hummus and baked naan bread – yummy.

Zouk Restaurant Manchester Creative Director Mudassar and Managing Director Tayub Amjad by Will Shaddock Photography

Zouk Creative Director Mudassar and Managing Director Tayub Amjad by Will Shaddock Photography

Owner Mudassar Amjad who introduced the Tiffin said; “Zouk is committed to serving authentic Indian food in stylish surroundings.  The Tiffin is the perfect way to do this and with our swift service it is designed for workers looking for something different to try during their lunch hour – a traditional, tasty Indian meal that’s both fast and affordable. We’re bringing a taste of India to Manchester and Bradford’s lunch hour using the same authentic cooking techniques that have been used in Mumbai for hundreds of years.”

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The Tiffin menu is available Monday-Sunday from 12pm-4pm.

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