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Zouk’s Halal Menu

At Zouk we are passionate about offering our customers the best quality halal food in Manchester. All our meat is halal and we use only the finest quality cuts in our cuisine.

Working with Manchester’s finest halal butchers we have been able to create a fantastic menu for diners searching for premium quality halal food from India and Pakistan. We also have an extensive range of grilled dishes and halal steaks providing customers the best choice available in the city.

Zouk also offers the option to order halal food for takeaway from the restaurant or for home delivery with Deliveroo.

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Halal dining in Ramadan

Fasting can be particularly challenging when Ramadan falls during these long summer days.  To help you keep going we’ve created a special Iftar buffet which is available every day throughout Ramadan so you can pick a day of your choice and join us to break your fast with family or friends.  The buffet is £15 for adults of £7.50 for children with no charge for under 5’s.

We understand after a long day that efficient friendly service and suitable surroundings are extremely important so we make sure that all tables are set with dates and fruit chaat to break fast upon arrival and there is a dedicated space for prayer.

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Steaks, Curries & Specials

Zouk offers a wide range of cuisine from all over the Indian sub-continent from handis and karahis to specialities like lamb lamb nihari, lamb magaz and paya all made using the finest quality cuts of halal meat.

We have to confess thought there is nothing we love more than a great steak and our char-coal grill is the soul of the restaurant!  Our extensive range of halal steaks includes chicken, lamb fillet, beef fillet, beef rib eye, cote le boeuf, tomahawk, T-bone and Chateaubriand

We also like to change things up every now and then so every month we work with our halal butchers to create seasonal specialities.  These special dishes often showcase curries from the sub-continent you may not often see in the UK or a Zouk fusion where East meets West to create a something with our very own twist like a halal beef carpaccio or a special Sunday roast.

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Awards at Zouk

Whilst we’ve won more than our fair share of awards, it has to be said the biggest award we receive is one that we get every day. And that’s to see our customers enjoying the food, service and surroundings we’ve worked so hard to get just right. For us, that’s what it’s all about.

That said, it’s always nice to be professionally recognized by your food industry peers and we’d be lying if we pretended not to get butterflies on the big night. Awards are also a great way to keep us striving to do the best by our customers. So without further ado, let us present the Zouk roll of honour.