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Cuisine of Goa Special April


Ever been to Goa? Want to learn some of the classic dishes like Goan Fish Curry and Chicken Xacuti? Join us for a trip to Goan food heaven. From our Manchester restaurant we will transport you to the Western coast of India. Learn how to cook some of these wonderful aromatic dishes at home. Then dig into them while planning your next holiday!


6th April 2024, 10am-1:30pm

The Cuisine of Goa special celebrates the aromatic and zingy flavours of Goa. Delicious spices infuse each bite with flavour and the characteristic ingredients of the region such as vinegar and coconut.

What Will You Learn?

Cooking starts with classic croquettes a staple at any special occasion in Goa. There is also a simple but delicious starter in the Goan Chilli Chicken. Serve this versatile dish alone as a starter or combined with rice, salad or wraps to make a satisfying and tasty main course. The curries include two Goan classics. First up is the signature Goan Fish Curry which is easily Goan’s most famed dish. This is followed with the hearty Chicken Xacuti which has hints of the regions Portuguese influence in its flavoursome masala.

This class is as hands on as possible so you will have your own cooking station and get to prepare each dish. Please note that our chefs will cook the naan breads due to the training needed to use the tandoor oven. Instructions on how to prepare breads at home will be provided.

Cuisine of Goa Special Menu



Goan Chilli Chicken

Mouth-watering chicken skewers slathered in a marinade of roasted tomatoes, garlic and Kashmiri red chillies, then char-grilled

Goan Croquettes

A traditional snack of minced meat with vinegar and spices. These are always served at feasts and special occasions. Try the croquettes at home with chilli sauce or a tangy dip.


Main Courses

Chicken Xacuti

This unique Goan dish is pronounced Shakuti and has a slight Portuguese influence.  Succulent chicken is cooked in a thick and spicy sauce with an unusual blend of poppy seeds, red Kashmiri chillies, fresh lemon juice and spices.  Serve with a dollop of yoghurt to bring out the flavours.  

Goan Fish Curry

Delicious haddock cooked with fresh coconut, curry leaves and cracked mustard seed. This is a speciality from the former Portuguese colony and a much-loved seafood curry.


Side Dishes
Pilau rice & Naan bread

After the Class

At the end of the cooking the food will be served as a banquet meaning you can relax with a drink and dig into the delicious dishes you created.

After the class you will leave with a certificate, an apron and your easy-to-follow recipe pack so you can recreate all the dishes at home.


If you have any questions regarding the Cuisine of Goa special class please get in touch via email on manchestermanager@zoukteabar.co.uk

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