Special Roasts at Zouk See East Meet West

Special Roasts at Zouk

Admit it, just the words ‘roast dinner’ are enough to get your taste buds tingling.  Imagine the famous British dish served with succulent meat, seasonal vegetables and lashings of gravy! The innovative chefs at Zouk have been working to add a little spice to the classic dish and have created tasty Special Roasts with meats served in an Indian style Balochi marinade.

Whole Lamb & Leg of Lamb

Perfect for a family meal, Zouk’s whole leg of lamb serves four people and is a great choice for a special occasion. This sumptuous lamb is marinated for six hours in spices which include a mix of yoghurt, mustard oil and a heady mix of aromatic spices.  Fenugreek, chilli, ginger and garlic all go into the mix along with Zouk’s own Tikka paste. For bigger parties, the Whole Roast Lamb can serve up to ten people and is marinated in the same Zouk sauce before being stuffed with a spiced rice.  All good things come to those who wait, and Zouk’s lamb is slow-cooked until the meat is beautiful and tender.

Whole Chicken Special Roasts

Food lovers will be happy to know that the typical roast chicken dish has been transformed into a new fun and spicy Indian meal. Zouk’s Whole Chicken Roast can serve two people (or one particularly hungry person), and is marinated in the Balochi sauce and served with a spicy tikka gravy to pack an extra punch.

Whole Chicken Special Roasts

The Whole Roast Chicken comes with all the trimmings

As with any good roast, the Zouk Special Roasts are each served up with fresh seasonal vegetables and new potatoes which are burnished, gleaming and roasted in their skins. Last but by no means least, is gravy.  Lashings and lashings of thick gravy which is built up from simmering bones and with an added hint of spice from Chili, garlic and ginger to complete the zingy flavour.

We asked Zouk’s Creative Director Mudassar Amjad why he created these new dishes to the menu:

“I’ve always loved the traditional British Roast. I mean, what’s not to love? It’s so homely, comforting and satisfying. Our Zouk roasts have layers of flavour and we’ve adapted the traditional Balochi spice blends and cooking techniques so we can achieve the same flavours by slowly roasting the meats.  Adding roast potatoes and green vegetables sautéed with fresh chillies may not be traditional but the result is a perfect combination of East meets West. Once you’ve tried it you wont want a roast any other way.  The spices and the slow cooking combined make the meats so juicy and tender.”


A Platter of Roasted Meats with all the Trimmings

Zouk Roast Platter features three meats and and all the trimmings

Sunday Platters

Every Sunday Zouk offers tasty Roast Sharing Platters as part of the extended Sunday roast Menu. These platters are perfect for dining with group of family or friends. A four person platter (£80) includes with a whole roast chicken and slices of both beef and lamb.  A two person platter (£40) includes a poussin and slices of beef and lamb.  All platters also include Yorkshire puddings and all the trimmings. Why choose between chicken, beef and lamb, when you can have all 3 doused in the best gravy ever! Platters require pre-order so please mention you would like one when making your booking. Alternatively call the restaurant on 0161 233 1090 for more information.

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Zouk’s Special Lamb & Chicken Roasts are available any day of the week you don’t have to wait until Sunday!  Lamb Roasts require 24 hours notice.

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