Sunday Roast Sharing Platters for 2, 4 or 6 people

Sunday Roast Sharing Platters

Each Sunday Zouk Manchester prepares a whole host of special halal sunday roast dishes. Among the favourites are the Sunday Roast Sharing Platters. Including 3 roasted meats these showstopping platters are great for groups sharing a special Sunday together. Every platter contains all the trimmings from crisp Yorkshire pudds to golden roasted potatoes, seasonal veg and our superb spicy gravy. The meats included are roasted leg of lamb, beef top side and either a whole roasted chicken or poussin.

Zouk Sunday Roast Sharing Platter

This Sharing Platter for 4 includes a Whole Roast Chicken


Platter Prices

2 person platter with whole poussin – £50
4 person platter with whole roast chicken – £100
6 person platter with whole roast chicken and whole poussin – £150

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When are they available?

These tasty treats are available every Sunday from 12 noon to 4pm. Please make a booking as we do sell out most Sundays and we cannot offer pre-order on the platers it is simply first come, first serve.

The Secret Saji Roast Marinade

The Zouk chefs believe the secret to a great roast is all in the marinade. Zouk uses a special Saji marinade which originates from Balochistan. There are two stages to the marinade. The first stage is using to tenderise the meat. The second marinade uses tikka paste and a range of other spices to infuse the meat with flavour. You can find a tikka paste recipe here or learn tips for preparing Saji Roast Lamb yourself from our Head Chef Mangal here.

The chef coats the lamb in a saji marinade

The marinade needs 24 hours to infuse the meat with flavour

Whole Roast Lamb

If you are dining with a larger party our Whole Stuffed Lamb could be the perfect treat for Sunday or any day of the week. This fabulous feast comes with roasted new potatoes, spicy gravy, seasonal vegetables and heaps of jewelled rice. The Whole stuffed Lamb must be pre-ordered because it takes 48 hours to marinate and 2 hours to cook.  It can be ordered for dining in the restaurant or alternatively you may order it for collection to be enjoyed at home. Email manchestermanager@zoukteabar.co.uk to pre-order this special roast.

Read more about our Whole Stuffed Lamb here.

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