Top 5 Things to Do in Manchester

Manchester bursts at the seams with great things to do to fill up a weekend – which has led us to uhm and ahh over the top 5 things to do. But after much debate, we’ve managed to whittle down the options to carve out some top spots that will take you from day to night. What’s more, they’re all within walking distance of our award-winning Indian and Pakistani restaurant, making it a real breeze to become a connoisseur of our city in no time at all.

#1: Manchester Art Gallery – 13-minute walk from Zouk

Manchester Art Gallery

Manchester Art Gallery is a treasure trove in the heart of the city, with its walls draped in a blend of contemporary, historic, and decorative art.

The municipal gallery on Mosley Street is arguably the best place to view an extensive collection of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. Here you’ll experience unflinching depictions of Victorian social immorality and religious symbolism through oil on canvas works.

Representations of femme fatale as contested object are also projected onto late Victorian works by Pre-Raphaelites Stanhope and Rossetti. The rolling flame coloured hair and striking marble white skin of these forlorn beauties is certainly something to be marvelled at.

Once you’ve finished exploring the wonders within, a stop-off at the art gallery’s café for fresh sandwiches and tea will prove an ideal location to recharge.

#2: Affleck’s Palace – 20-minute walk from Zouk

Manchester Affleck's Palace

Launch yourself into discovery mode at Affleck’s Palace, the indoor market of Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Laden with eclectic fashion finds, record shops and independent cafes, the colourful interiors and dazzling possessions within the walls are more than Instagram worthy. Treats within extend right up to the top floor, a community space where guests can unleash their creativity by making and leaving a piece of artwork behind.

And even if you don’t leave with a unique souvenir from the whimsical shops to mark your visit, the memory will remain as a gem to draw inspiration from.

#3: Castlefield Artisan Market – 17-minute walk from Zouk

Manchester Castlefield Artisan Market

With fine food, vintage markets and handmade artworks galore, Castlefield Artisan Market is a real crowd-puller. Occurring on every first Saturday of the month, you’ll find anything from local artisan coffee roasters to makers of arts and crafts showcasing their very finest.

While you’ll love the atmosphere as residents mill from stall to stall to pick up treasures, we think you’ll be fond of the wider area too. Castlefield is known among residents to be one of the most scenic urban spaces in Manchester. Which takes us to our next pick…

#4: Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) – 16-minute walk from Zouk

Manchester MOSI

This is a great site to pop to when in the midst of the city’s industrial roots, Castlefield.

The MOSI is home to one of the world’s largest working steam mill collections, the history of aviation, and even contains a replica of Victorian sewers – complete with smells – making it a worthy trip out for the curious-minded.

Armed with immersive activities and a media wall, the museum is also renowned for its hands-on approach to learning. These assets have seen families flock in for repeat visits, proving the MOSI’s leading reputation as a cultural attraction that definitely needs a visit!

#5: Panacea – 16-minute walk from Zouk

Panacea Manchester

To round off our top 5, we take you to Panacea. It’s a late night venue that looks as though it’s been borrowed straight from the scenes of Kill Bill, with its aspirational décor attracting some of the wealthiest city slickers.

To maintain its stance as Manchester’s top haunt for fashionable night crawlers to revel, the bar underwent renovations in 2015. This saw the interior dressings boasting further sultry elegance, which has pulled in the city’s glitterati for some night time indulgence. And it sure will continue to do so in coming years, making a visit worthwhile if you want to party like Manchester’s elite.

With Panacea being only a 16-minute walk from Zouk, it would make sense to hit the bar once you’ve dined at our restaurant. And given the launch of our new Spring cocktail menu, we could even tempt you to pre-drink with us before you dance the night away…

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