Whole Roast Lamb Raan: Preparation & Cooking

Ahead of this year’s Eid celebrations Zouk head chef, Mangal Rawat, shares his tips on how to best prepare and cook whole roast lamb raan.

Eid al-Adha – the Festival of Sacrifice

If you are planning to celebrate Eid al-Adha at home this month then one of the most obvious choices for your family meal is roast lamb raan. Eid al-Adha or the ‘festival of sacrifice’ is one of two Islamic holidays celebrated throughout the world. Lamb is very traditional for this celebration because it pays homage to the story of Ibrahim. Ibrahim was prepared to sacrifice his son at god’s command but instead sacrificed a whole lamb when god intervened. Traditionally a whole lamb or sheep would be prepared and cooked for the feast to commemorate this sacrifice. The sheep would then be divided into 3 parts.  One part for the home, one for relatives and the third would be given to the poor and needy.

Often it is not practical to prepare and cook a whole lamb at home so a leg of lamb is chosen instead. At Zouk we offer special roasts all year round and families or groups of friends choose to celebrate special occasion in the restaurant with a whole roast saji lamb or roasted leg or lamb which we serve up with all the trimmings.

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Tips from chef Mangal

‘Lamb is so popular in the restaurant and if you follow these simple steps it is easy to prepare a traditional family meal that is satisfying and full of flavour.’ Head Chef, Mangal Rawat.

Sourcing and Preparing the Meat

  • Firstly, when buying your lamb be sure it is trimmed and prepared well. You want to see just a little of the fat remaining.
  • For the best flavour always go for baby lamb rather than mutton
Leg of lamb

The lamb shouldn’t have too much fat so excess should be removed

1st Marinade

2nd Marinade

Indian lamb being prepared for roasting

The second marinade needs 24 hours to infuse the meat with flavour


If you are not feeling quite ready to dive in to preparing roast raan lamb at home then you can still delight family and friends with our Zouk Saji roast lamb.  As well as serving up this treat in the restaurant we can also cook it for you to take away and enjoy at home.  Simply give the restaurant a call on 0161 233 1090 for details on how to place your order.

To make a booking for Eid al-Adha at Zouk click here

To enjoy Zouk Whole Roast Lamb Raan in the restaurant this dish must be pre-ordered 48 hours in advance.  Please call the restaurant on 0161 233 1090 for more information or to discuss.

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