How better to show your d’amour how much they mean to you, than by spending time with them over a mutual love of food? With our sizzling new Valentine’s menu, carefully crafted with all the lovers in mind, we decided to really emphasise sharing platters as the first lead into your spicy evening together.

But let’s at first rewind from here – why should Indian cuisine be the food of choice for such a special evening?

Well – the highly trained chefs of the Zouk kitchen believe it’s all about the magic of Indian ingredients. The traditionally warm colours are an enticing start as they pop from the plate – just think of the vibrant sun kissed orange and yellow tones characteristic of this cuisine, often offset against the dewy, fresh greens of Indian herbs and spices. This stunning blend of tones is a real draw on the eye to impress any suitor sat across the table.

We’re also especially excited about our amorous appetiser for Valentine’s this year – Tandoori Lobster Tail. As a sweet and spicy dish, it contains lobster and chillies, both being classic aphrodisiacs that will really get you in the mood. We recommend this pairing as the top two ingredients to get stuck into ahead of a passionate night. For Valentine’s, we’ve chosen to deliver the lobster in cardamom and tandoori masala, as well as the chillies – but don’t be afraid to instead experiment coating the lobster in a creamy buttery sauce, turmeric powder and garlic paste to enhance the flavour if cooking at home.

Of course, a melt-in-the-mouth dish is the next hot thing to introduce to your date to maintain your winning streak. This is where our head chef recommends the Lamb Laziz, his very own speciality of Punjabi style lamb curry. Slowly cooked in a handi until the meat is tender and the spices permeate every delicious bite, we guarantee the sweet anticipation of its serving.

But don’t just take our word for it – head down and test-drive our Valentine’s menu to see if it will live up to its promise of delivering an evening of enrapture for you and the other half!

With Love and Kisses, Zouk.

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