The World’s Hottest Curry at Zouk

National Chilli Day

This February 24th Zouk is creating the World’s Hottest Curry. It’s part of the restaurants celebration of National Chilli Day and features the Worlds Hottest Chilli (according to the Guinness Book of records) the Carolina Reaper. The Carolina Reaper Karahi (£14.95) will be on sale all day on Thursday.  The restaurant is even offering a prize for those bold enough to take this fiery hot dish on.

Making The World’s Hottest Curry

Knowing the Reaper is officially the world’s hottest chilli, it may not surprise you to learn from the chefs that even cooking this curry is a bit of a challenge. Owner Tayub Amjad commented ‘The chillies are so hot the chefs have to be careful handling them. You can feel them on your hands and also stinging your eyes. The heat really is intense. This year we’ve made the karahi even hotter by adding dried and fresh chillies as well as chilli paste. This means a triple hit of heat. I don’t think there are many people who can easily finish it.’

Worlds hottest curry - made with Carolina Reapers

Zouk’s Carolina Reaper Karahi has a triple hit of the World’s Hottest Chillies

The Dish

When considering what dish should feature the Carolina Reaper Chilli, Zouk decided on its popular and much-loved chicken karahi. This traditional dish originates from the Northwest region of Pakistan and is named after the pan it is cooked in. Prepared in a wok over hot flames, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, peppercorns and cumin form the curry’s base. The dish can be cooked with chicken, lamb, seafood or vegetables but for the Carolina Reaper Karahi, Zouk uses chicken. The curry includes 3 different types of Carolina Reaper Chilli: fresh chillies, dried chillies and chilli paste. It may look fairly innocent but beware this curry has more than a little bite!

The World's Hottest Curry - The Carolina Reaper Karahi

The Carolina Reaper Karahi – You’ve never had a Karahi like this!

The Challenge 

Be warned this curry is not for the fainthearted – nor would it be recommended for anybody with a sensitive stomach! It’s fiery hot and has been described by some as ‘like eating molten lava’!

So the team at Zouk wanted to offer a little reward for those of strong stomach and mind. Basically anybody tough enough to go the distance and finish this beast of a curry in one sitting. Here’s the deal…

If you finish the full Carolina Reaper curry in one sitting (max eating time 30 minutes and no helping from companions) then you will not only get your reaper on Zouk, you will also win a Zouk Sunday Roast Sharing Platter for 2. This is a very different kind of feast but gives you chance to indulge in some of Zouk’s more friendly fare. You will also get a Zouk Ice Cream Sundae to help cool off those tastebuds too!

Zouk believe this dish to be the World’s Hottest Curry, if you fancy putting it and yourself to the test, make a booking now and embrace National Chilli Days Biggest Challenge.

T’s & C’s

All Challenge participants and any customers ordering the Carolina Reaper Karahi must sign a disclaimer before beginning consumption. Seriously it’s that hot people. Eat if only if you dare!

If you finish the curry you will not pay for it and you will be given an ice cream on the house to cool off. You also win a Sunday Roast Sharing Platter for 2 – to be redeemed on a Sunday of your choice.

Sunday Roast Sharing Platters are available on Sundays only and must be booked in advance.

You have 6 months to claim your prize.

There is no cash alternative.

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