Zouk Christmas Menus 2021 Revealed

At Zouk we love Christmas. The food, the celebrations, that fabulous feeling when you get the gift you’ve been longing for. This year more than ever we cannot wait to enjoy the festive season. Whether you are looking for a lazy lunch, a perfect party or a Christmas Day to remember, we have a menu for every type of Christmas celebration.

Zouk Tiffin Platter

The Zouk Tiffin is a fabulous lunch time treat

Tiffin Lunch

Zouk’s Tiffin Lunch is a feast in itself. Two curries, a starter, fluffy pilau rice and a freshly baked naan bread all served on a fabulously festive platter. Through December the Tiffin menu will change weekly instead of daily. Each week you can choose a meat curry Tiffin, a veggie curry Tiffin or a vegan curry Tiffin. For only £12.50 the Christmas Tiffin Lunch is filling, festive and fabulous value.

The Tiffin Menu is perfect for limited lunch hours as it is served all at once on individual tiffin platters.

To view the weekly Christmas tiffin menu click here

Christmas Party Banquet

Zouk Christmas Party Banquets feature a selection of our best-loved dishes

Party Banquets

In India, a party is only really a party when the food is served. We design our party menus to delight diners with food at the heart of the celebration. Each course features an explosion of flavours and dishes to dive into and delight tastebuds. We create party menus to suit every budget and taste including meat, veggie and vegan options and they start at only £23 per head. Each course is served to share either on platters (starters and desserts) or in traditional curry dishes.

Dining from party banquet menus not only makes life simple for the party organiser (just pick a menu and the job is done) it also means every diner gets to sample every dish. There is no struggling to remember what you ordered, no food envy when a colleague or friend gets a dish that you wish you’d picked. Every guests gets to enjoy it all. Now that’s a Christmas feast to remember!

Christmas Party Banquets typically include:
Main Courses & Sides

Click here to view our party banquet menus

Christmas Day at Zouk 2021

The Christmas Day Menu Features Our Famous Butter Chicken

Christmas Day At Zouk

If you are looking for a truly relaxing Christmas Day, with no cooking or washing up, then why not visit Zouk on 25th December? Each year our restaurant is transformed into the perfect festive hangout for families and friends. Make this Christmas day one to remember with a show-stopping 5 course menu that features all of our best-loved dishes and a few festive twists. From the beautiful Berry Biryani to our famous Butter Chicken and succulent slices of Roasted Lamb Raan… it’s a menu even Santa would be impressed with.

To view the full Christmas Day Menu click here

Zouk Christmas Menus 2021

How to Book

Reservations of up to 9 people can be made online on our website for any of our Christmas menus. Please book for 10 people or more by contacting our restaurant manager on manchestermanager@zoukteabar.co.uk with details of your request.

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