Zouk Launches Take Away Tiffin

Hold onto your hats because we are super excited to announce we have JUST launched our tiffin menu to take away



A firm lunch time favourite with diners in the restaurant, our tiffin is now available for take away.


The Story of The Tiffin…..

Every day in Mumbai thousands of workers look forward to receiving their tiffin lunch.  The delivery of these delicious freshly cooked meals, either from a workers home or their favourite restaurant, by the cities dabbawallas (box carriers) has existed since around 1890.  

Traditionally the tiffin box, which usually has at least 3 layers and includes several delights, would be collected by the dabbawalla’s each morning from their customers residence and then delivered to them at work filled with a nutritious home cooked meal.  Today they are often collected and filled from restaurants or specialist tiffin caterers. After lunch once the hungry workers have devoured the contents their tiffin the dabbawallas then take the empty boxes back to the appropriate residence or restaurant. What is most so interesting about the tiffin that in Mumbai it has become a fundamental part of the cities culture.  It is ingrained in the life of the workers and the dabbawallas are so amazingly committed to their trade that the service remains uninterrupted even during the peak of the monsoon season.

The tiffin system is run by simple people who are often illiterate and it has evolved without the use of any technology.  That does not mean that the system is not complex, in fact the service is highly specialised using colour coding, marks, and various modes of transport from trains to bicycles.  In fact the system is so reliable that it’s estimated that the dabbawallas make less than one mistake in every 6 million deliverers. No worker is left hungry!

What we love about the story of the tiffin is that it shows is how important good food is to the residents and workers of Mumbai and because we’re simply mad about food too we were inspired to create our own tiffin meal… Of course the only difference with a Zouk tiffin is that you get to escape your workplace and relish it in the comfort of our restaurant.  We hope you enjoy yours…!


Our Tiffins include a starter, two curries, rice and naan bread and we have a different tiffin each day of the working week with options for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans, everyone can enjoy a tasty tiffin treat. Click here to view the menu and see what today’s tiffin has in store.

You can now give us a call or email to order a take away tiffin for collection, and taking inspiration from the dabbawalas in Mumbai we are now offering tiffin delivery catering to offices around the city centre with a minimum order of 10.  

For orders or more information contact;


0161 233 1090