Sunday Roast Menu Returns to Zouk This Weekend

The Zouk Sunday roast menu returns this weekend! Since reopening our doors less than 2 weeks ago we’ve been inundated with requests for the return of the roast menu. The good news is our traditional and special saji roasts are back this weekend with a bang! We’ll also be serving our banging spicy gravy and THE BEST roasties and Yorkshire puds in town!

A great Sunday roast is one of life’s top comfort foods, and in times like these we can all do with some soul food. The perfect roast will gladden the spirit and chase away woes.  Plus the best bit is, if you come to us for your Sunday dinner then there is no cooking and no mountain of dishes! Join us any Sunday from 12 noon to 5pm and we’ll do all the hard work for you.  Just be sure to bring your appetite and get ready to kick back and relax.

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Top Side of Beef

Traditional Roasts Include Top Side of Beef & Whole Roast Poussin

Traditional Roasts…

If you love a classic roast then choose from Whole Roast Poussin, a Top Side of Beef that melts in the mouth or the divine Mini Lamb Roast. The mini roast is unique and almost too darn cute to eat! Each of these plated roasts is served up with all the trimmings and includes glorious roasties, seasonal veg, a gravy to die for and the best ever Yorkshire puds!

Saji Whole Chicken Special Roast

Whole Roast Saji Chicken is Served with Zouk’s Spicy Gray

Roasts with an Indian Twist

The Zouk Saji Roasts offer something with a bit more bite!  Using a secret Balochi marinade each roast is marinated for over 6 hours in a tempting array of spices. This special blend of ingredients works its magic tenderising the meat and infusing it with flavour long before it hits the oven.  By the time the roast hits your plate the meat just falls off the bone and each delicious mouthful delivers an explosion of flavour that’ll give your Sunday some zing! Choose from Whole Saji Roast Chicken or Saji Roast Leg of Lamb*.


The Saji Roasts are designed for sharing with the whole chicken suitable for 2 people (or one very hungry person) and the leg of lamb perfect for between 4 and 6. Served with veg, roasties, Yorkshires and a special spicy gravy that is out of this world, these special roasts are so tasty they might just become your new favourite Sunday dinner!

A Platter of Roasted Meats with all the Trimmings

Zouk Roast Platter features three meats and and all the trimmings

The Roast Platter

If you simply cannot decide which of these delicious Sunday treats to indulge in, then don’t panic! With our Special Roast Platter*, you really can have it all!  At Zouk we never do things by halves and so our fabulous platter features three tasty delights.  Try the show stopping Saji Whole Roast Chicken, tender Roast Beef Top Side and Saji Roast Lamb all on one heavenly platter of Sunday deliciousness. We’re pretty sure a tastier trio of meats has never been seen. As always they are surrounded by heaps of golden roasties, veg, Yorkshires and all the trimmings! The Roast Platter is suitable for 4 to 6 people to share. Bring your besties and prepare to give your taste buds and your tummy a real treat!

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Covid 19 Safety Measures

During these challenging times we’d like to reassure customers we’ve taken every possible measure to ensure your safety. This applies whether you choose to dine in, order a delivery or place an order for collection.  New safety measures include investment in an online ordering app, disposable menus and extra sanitising stations. We’ve also invest in a high-tech decontamination chamer for added reassurance. Please help us to keep the restaurant safe and manage customers numbers at this time by pre-booking your table online.  Please only book if you are going to come.

No restaurant can afford to leave tables empty when capacity is reduced.  Thank you as ever for your loyalty and support.

Read more about how we are staying safe here

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*please call the restaurant to pre-order the items for multiple people. This includes the Roast Platter or the Saji Leg of Lamb.

The Sunday roast menu returns on the 19th July from 12noon to 5pm. You can view the full menu here _Zouk – Roast Menu-compressed