Zouk Whole Stuffed Lamb


Our show stopping Whole Roast Lamb is a special treat for all of the family.  Indulge in this huge roast, perfect for any occasion and available 7 days a week, so no need to wait for Sunday.

Manchester restaurant Zouk is spicing up the traditional British Roast with special meats prepared in unique Balochi marinades and spices and served with fresh green vegetables and new potatoes.


Our signature offering is marinated for over six hours in secret Zouk Balochi marinade and then stuffed with spiced rice and slow-cooked to perfection until the meat is so tender that it easily falls off the bone making it the perfect dish for sharing.

In keeping with tradition, the meat is complemented by freshly-cooked greens and beautiful potatoes, burnished and gleaming, roasted in their skins. A Roast would not be complete without lashings of thick gravy and Zouk’s lamb is complemented by a full rich and glutinous gravy which has been built up simmering bones in the stock and adding spices of chili, garlic and ginger – it really makes the Zouk Special Roast zing. The Whole Roasted Lamb works best for a large family get together or special occasion as it serves 10-16 people.  To order the whole lamb we ask for a minimum of 48 hours notice.


Not quite got the appetite for a Whole Lamb?  No problem!  Our Whole Roast Chicken (£20 serves two people or one greedy person) is prepared with precise incisions to ensure the marinade permeates into the meat and it is served deliciously tender and juicy on a wooden serving board alongside a spicy tikka sauce, green seasonal vegetables, potatoes and of course the gorgeous gravy.  Or our Leg of lamb (serves around five people) is priced at £55 and is marinated in the same sumptuois marinade as the whole lamb.


leg of lamb


Owner Mudassar Amjad said; “I have always loved the traditional British Roast, it is homely, comforting and satisfying.  Our Zouk roasts have layers of delicate spices, inspired by authentic Balochi style roasts, which are usually slowly cooked around a central fire pit of smouldering embers.  As the meat cooks slowly the flavours build up to create a hearty dish.  We’ve taken the traditional Balochi spice blends and adapted the cooking technique so we can achieve the same flavours by slowly roasting the chicken or lamb.   Adding roasties and green veg sautéed with fresh chillies may not be traditional but the result is a perfect combination of East meets West and ultimately a roast to remember. Once you’ve tried it you wont want a roast any other way, the spices and the slow cooking combined make the meat so juicy and tender.  I hope to see more people enjoying a Roast with the special Zouk twist.”


Zouk’s Special Roasts are available now any day of the week you don’t have to wait until Sunday!  Whole Lamb Roasts require 48hours notice,  Leg of lamb min. 2 hours notice. To book call Zouk Manchester on 0161 2331 090. or contact manchestermanager@zoukteabar.co.uk