ZOUK's Foodie Interview – Influencer LornaLuxe

LornaLuxe can be defined as a luxury seeking guided missile with a well-heeled mantra of ‘breathing it all in and luxing it all out.’ If you’re not following already, head over to join her 435k (and counting) fans over on Instagram @LornaLuxe where she shares outfit inspiration, travel guides, restaurant news plus best place to enjoy delicious snacks and designer cocktails (thanks for the research Lorna!). Last week she visited her Manchester home town and enjoyed Friday night at Zouk. We asked her some quick fire questions in our Zouk Foodie Interview:

LornaLuxe Zouk Manchester

ZOUK: Your blog is called LornaLuxe what can we expect to find on the blog?
LornaLuxe: I live quite a fast paced life so my blog is the place i use to share quick snapshots of what i’m up to and also more considered editorial stories of what i love… travel, fashion, shoes and wine… lots of wine!

LornaLuxe Zouk Restaurant Manchester

ZOUK: Have you got any tips on how to take the perfect Instagram snap of your food?
LornaLuxe:  I’m a foodie but not necessarily a food sharer. That said when i do capture food, shoot from above, use flash, filter the image to add depth, include something personal (sunglasses, a hand, purse) to make the image your own.

LornaLuxe Zouk Restaurant Manchester

ZOUK: What are your favourite foods and what have you tasted on your travels?
LornaLuxe: I’m a former longhaul air hostess so my taste buds are well travelled. I’m also an aesthete so the way the food is presented to me is so important. I love fresh fish, seasonal vegetables, and wine… lots of wine!

LornaLuxe Zouk Restaurant Manchester

You’re originally from Manchester what’s your top things to do in the north?
LornaLuxe: I left Manchester at 18 so my memories are mainly of nightlife and clubbing…. the city has evolved so much in the last 10 years and has such diverse cocktail bars and restaurants. It’s cold up north so i’m all about that socialing life.


You visited Zouk recently, which dishes did you try and which cocktails would you recommend to others? LornaLuxe: We started off with a couple of Lychee Martinis (if you’ve ever drank cocktails with me, I’m sorry and you’re welcome)! We started with King Prawns and then moved onto the super tasty Sea Bream with a spicy coating which appealed to my love of aesthetics served up on a banana leaf. A bottle of Prosecco was the perfect crisp, fizzy partner to the food!


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