Zouk's Guide to Christmas in 2016

We know, it is a bit early for the ‘C’ word, but there are only a mere 12 weeks until Christmas! So come on, don’t be Scrooge, let’s embrace the festive season and get organised! We know that this time of year can strike fear into the calmest of people…how do you fit in all the parties without having a nervous breakdown? What about what to wear? Christmas jumper, maybe? What do you buy the man/woman who has everything? Slippers, non? How do you cook a Christmas dinner for a whole family and not burn a single thing? Well, don’t worry, start planning early and we’ll have you acing Christmas this year!


The Night Out with the Family – Diaries at the ready…if you’re in Manchester you can book into Billy Elliot at The Palace Theatre from 29th November until 28th January 2017. The down-to-earth, dancing musical is perfect for all the family and Zouk in Manchester is open from 12pm-midnight for pre or post theatre snacks. If you’re in Bradford, Peter Pan is showing this Christmas with Billy Pearce and Darren Day.


The Office Christmas Party – Ok, nothing (we repeat) nothing good happens if you have the office party IN the office. To avoid cringey Karaoke (like Bridget Jones) we recommend hiring an area at Zouk instead with a banquet style menu to keep everyone happy. Take a look at our people-pleasing menu here (it’s even good enough for Terry in accounts who likes a burning hot curry to Sue in sales who is a vegetarian).


The Friday Night Christmas Jumper – Join in with Save the Children’s annual Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 16th December and raise funds for charity while wearing your finest tackiest Christmas jumper! Extra points for extra sparkle, slogans and reindeer jumpers! Come and celebrate at Zouk afterwards with a cocktail or two on the outdoor terrace in Manchester. You’ll need a drink to take the edge off the outfit 😉

Christmas Shopping – Ok deep breath, it is not that hard…honestly, just make a list, check it twice, and get into Manchester City Centre for all your Christmas gifts. Here’s are two things to note – 1) Always ask for gift wrap. 2) Have a mid-day break by nipping to Zouk for a Christmas Tiffin box. This lunchtime Indian inspired treat is great value and will perk you up for the rest of the day.

Christmas Last Minute – Left it too late like Ross in Friends (the Holiday Armmmmadillo)? Do not despair – the internet is your friend! Zouk’s Christmas Gift Vouchers are perfect for foodie friends and try our Cookery School vouchers which make an extra special gift and are redeemable in 2017.

Christmas Day – Feel like Jamie Oliver in the kitchen only to end up with a under-cooked Turkey and soggy veg? Ah don’t despair cos Zouk is open on Christmas Day. Our tasty menu will ensure you have the most relaxing Christmas Day and NO WASHING UP! Whoop.

Take a look at Christmas for 2016 in Manchester and Bradford.