The Zouk Lunch Tiffin; City’s Favourite Lunch Returns

There is lots to get excited about this month as the Zouk Lunch Tiffin finally returns. This much-loved lunchtime speciality offers diners delicious food, amazing variety and great value, all on a tasty tiffin tray.

The Story of the tiffin

Zouk’s tiffin takes its inspiration from the traditional tiffin lunch boxes that are hand delivered all over India every lunch time. Since long before the days of apps and speedy food deliveries, workers from every industry imaginable have looked forward to their hand-delivered tiffin lunch. In India tiffin lunch boxes have stackable compartments each holding a unique delicious dish that makes up this filling meal. In our restaurant we like to serve our tiffin on a fabulous platter with two curries, a tasty starter, basmati rice and a freshly baked naan bread. It pays homage to the traditional tiffin of India and New Deli whilst providing the perfect lunch for groups of friends and colleagues to enjoy.

Zouk Veg Tiffin

The Tiffin Lunch is back at Zouk this month

What’s in the Tiffin?

The new tiffin menu features a mixtures of new dishes and old favourites. Each day there will be a meat and veggie option and those looking for something a little lighter can choose a tiffin grill rather than a traditional tiffin curry.

The traditional tiffin includes 2 curries, a starter, basmati rice and a freshly baked naan bread. The tiffin grill includes . Both have meat or veggie options.

Typical Tiffin Menu

Meat Tiffin
Chicken Tikka
Chicken Jalfrezi
Lamb Laziz
Pilau Rice
Naan Bread

Veggie Tiffin
Paneer Tikka
Bindi Handi (Okra)
Tarka Dall
Pilau Rice
Naan Bread

Tiffin Grill
Chicken Tikka Skewer
Lamb Chilo Kebab Skewer
Naan Bread

Please note the tiffin is prepared freshly each day so the menu changes daily. Check out the links below to see the current menu.

Zouk's popular lunch tiffin

The tiffin menu changes daily

A Speedy Lunch Solution

One of the reason the Zouk lunch tiffin is so popular is that it is freshly made each morning and ready to be served between 12 noon and 4pm. Once you have found your table it takes only a few minutes for your freshly baked naan to be prepared and your lunch is ready to enjoy. Remember to book ahead so we can have your table ready for you.

How to Order and Book

To book for a tiffin simply use the links below and make your reservation. The tiffin is an excellent option when dining with larger groups or during a limited lunch hour.

Click here to make a booking for the Zouk Lunch Tiffin

To view the Tiffin Menu click here

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