Zouk's Mocktails for Dry January

Over-indulged at Christmas? Or just prefer your drinks booze free? Don’t worry, we have special Mocktails that LOOK (and taste) like the good stuff but don’t have any of that naughty alcohol in them. The best bit? You can be totally smug the day after when you leap out of bed hangover free and go to the gym instead of feeling like hell all day (like Phil and Holly on This Morning earlier this year).


So one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR…time to clean up our act people. Make sure you also join a gym/dance class, book that dream holiday and take one of our Cookery Classes to max out your New Year’s Resolutions! Here’s our pick of the best Mocktails around to avoid looking like you’ve escaped from The Hangover!


Cosmopolitan Mocktail – Feel like Carrie and the girls with a juicy Mocktail filled with cranberry juice (for that signature taste), sharp lime juice, sweet sugar syrup and grenadine.


Strawberry Daiquiri Mocktail – Don’t mock us, we know what we’re doing 🙂 Blend some fresh fruity strawberries, dash of lemon juice, little sweet sugar syrup and good old grenadine – beautiful!


Mojito Special – There’s nothing better than a nice refreshing Mojito – hmmmm. We’re talking fresh mint, fresh lime, sugar syrup and lemon juice, we’ll take two please!


Summer of 69 – How special is this little guy? Complete with delicious, fruity mango juice, refreshing pineapple juice and half a passion fruit and a little lime and a shot of grenadine!


If that’s not enough we’ve also got a Pinacolada Mocktail with fresh pineapple blended with cream for a fruity drink full of indulgence.


Or try a Watermelon Crush which mixed real fruit with crushed ice, sugar syrup and sharp lemon juice.



Take the challenge to remain booze free for January with our menu of Mocktails in Manchester and Bradford  including our Mango, Raspberry, Strawberry and Passion Fruit Mojitos, Moscow Mule and fruity Berrytini. Take a look at our cocktail menu.


Take a look at Alcohol Concern’s Official Dry January website for more information.