Zouk Manchester Menu - Indian Restaurant


  • Popadoms & Pickle Box 2.50/person


  • Chicken Imlee 4.50

    Chicken Tikka pieces served with a tangy tamarind and plum sauce

  • Chooza Chaat 4.95

    Pan-fired slivers of chicken and pepper in a sizzling hot sauce

  • Lamb Chops 4.95

    Char grilled lamb coated in a secret Mughlai marinade

  • Crispy Calamari 6.50

    Tasty calamari in a spicy batter served with saffron mayo

  • Seekh Kebab 3.95

    Juicy minced lamb kebabs with fresh ginger, spices and chilli

  • Tandoori Haddock 5.95

    Haddock fillet marinated with in garlic, coriander and crushed pomegranate

  • King Prawns 6.95

    Delicious succulent prawns marinated with olive oil, crushed cumin & coriander seeds

  • Chicken Liver 4.95

    Rich and flavoursome liver marinated with lemon and crushed chillies, then cooked on a Tawa Asian griddle

  • Spicy Prawn Cakes 5.95

    Delicious pan-fried cakes made with juicy prawns and spices and served with saffron mayo

  • Tandoori Mixed Grill 6.95

    Mixed BBQ starter with Chicken Imlee, Seekh Kebab, Lamb Chops & Chicken Drumsticks

  • Scallops 6.95

    Scallops marinated with select herbs & spices and grilled over hot charcoal.

  • Punjabi Lollipop 3.95

    Marinated chicken wrapped around a chicken wing and gently cooked over hot charcoal

  • Chilo Kebab 4.95

    Thin slices of tender lamb fillet marinated in mouth-watering spices

  • Tava Lamb 10.95 (for 2 people)

    Our very own invention a unique starter to share. Sizzling crispy lamb served with pickles, chutney and pancakes... wrap, eat, share!

Vegetarian Starters

  • Samosa Chaat 4.50

    Traditional Pakistani chaat with a delicious fresh samosa, tamarind sauce and raita

  • Paneer Tikka 4.50

    Skewer of onions, peppers and spicy Indian cheese cooked in a Tandoor

  • Masala Mirch 3.95

    Jalapeno chilli stuffed with herbs, spices & grated mango

  • Hummus 3.95

    Freshly made with chick peas, lemon & Mediterranean herbs & spices

  • Alloo Paratha 3.95

    Spicy mashed potatoes cooked inside a butter tawa chapatti with pickle or raita

  • Falael 3.95

    Arabian style falafel with crushed chickpeas, herbs & spices

Main Courses

  • Chicken Jalfrezi 8.95

    Chicken fillet cooked with capsicum, onion & eggs in a thick spicy sauce & finished with masala & coriander

  • Chicken Haleem 7.95

    A speciality from Deli with thin slivers of chicken breast cooked with four different types of lentils and cracked wheat

  • Chicken Tikka Masala 9.50

    Chicken pieces marinated in yoghurt, then barbecued over charcoals & tossed inside a balti of garlic & ginger

  • Chicken Khabani 9.95

    A deliciously hot curry with a hint of sweetness. Tender chicken is cooked with aromatic spices, fiery red chillies and apricots, then topped with potato straws

  • Chicken Korma 7.95

    Chicken pieces cooked with cream, coconuts & almonds for a mild dish

  • Butter Chicken 9.95

    Barbecued chicken breast cooked in a buttery sauce with gentle spices & cashew nuts

  • Chicken & Spinach 8.95

    A robust flavoured dish with chicken pieces cooked with spinach, fenegreek & ginger

  • Lamb Nihari 9.95

    A traditional speciality from Lahore: slow cooked lamb with a thick & spicy sauce

  • Lamb Sultani 11.95

    Tender lamb shank marinated in aromatic spices and slowly cooked until the meat just falls off the bone

  • Lamb Neelgiri 8.95

    Lightly spiced Goan style lamb cooked in fresh coconut, curry leaves and crushed coriander seeds

  • Lamb Laziz 9.95

    Punjabi style lamb curry slowly cooked until tender with aromatic spices in a traditional handi

  • Railway Curry 9.95

    A Rajasthan inspired fiery lamb curry cooked on the bone using natural yoghurt and both fresh green chilli and red Kashmiri chillies

  • Paya 8.95

    A traditional dish cooked slowly until the meat is tender with a rich & spicy broth

  • Magaz 8.95

    Pan fried with onions, tomatoes, green chillies & ground garam masala

  • Karahi

    A traditional dish from the North West region of Pakistan. The Karahi Is prepared over hot flames with tomatoes, crushed peppercorns, cumin,
    ginger & garlic.

  • Lamb 7.95

  • Chicken 7.95

  • Minced Lamb 7.95

  • King Prawn 11.95

  • Zouk Special Karahi 9.95

    Chicken, Lamb, Mushrooms and potatoes

  • Handi

    The Punjabi style dish is slow cooked over burning ames with tomato, onions, garlic & zouk garam masala.

  • Lamb 8.50

  • Chicken 8.50

  • Biryani

    Basmati rice cooked using the traditional
    method from the Provence of Sindh with
    potatoes, spices and garam masala. Served with raita or curry sauce.

  • Chicken 9.50

  • Lamb 9.50

  • King Prawn 11.95


  • Zouk Ocean Platter 14.95

    Tiger prawn, salmon steak & juicy scallops in special Zouk marinade

  • Goan Fish Curry 12.95

    Aromatic haddock curry cooked with fresh coconut, curry leaves & cracked mustard

  • Spiced Sea Bream 12.95

    Pan-fried sea bream coated in a spicy crust topping and wrapped in banana leaf. Served with a tangy coconut and red chilli chutney

  • Salmon 10.95

    Fillet of salmon marinated in herbs & spices to give this dish an Asian twist

  • Sea Bass 11.95

    Marinated in herbs & spices & gently grilled over the pani sigri

  • King Prawn & Baby Spinach 11.95

    A sizzling dish of king prawns & fresh spinach stir-fired with ginger and delicate spices

  • Zouk Seafood Special 11.95

    Tiger king prawns, haddock, warm water prawns & mushrooms cooked with pomegranate & coriander seeds in a thick spicy sauce

  • Lobster Thermadour 34.95

  • Lobster Gwadri Khas 34.95

Vegetarian Mains

  • Palak Paneer

    Spinach leaf & fenegreek cooked with paneer Asian cheese

  • Palak Alloo

    Spinach leaf & fenegreek cooked with new potatoes & coriander

  • Mili Juli Sabzi

    Fresh vegetables fused together with herbs & spices

  • Bindi

    Traditional Punjabi dish of Okra cooked with onions, tomatoes and spices

  • Tarka Dall

    Tasty lentils cooked with fresh green chilli, garlic and turmeric in a spicy sauce

  • Dall Makhani 8.95/4.95

    In parts of India a restaurants reputation is determined by the renown of their Dall Makhani. The dish consists of black lentils slowly cooked with cream in a smooth and spicy sauce

  • Mutter Paneer

    Peas & soft cheese cooked in a mildly spiced sauce

  • Chilli Paneer

    Delhi style stir fry of paneer cheese in a delicious chilli sauce

  • Vegetable Tikka 8.95

    Char-grilled aubergines, courgettes, capsicums, tomatoes, onions & mushrooms served with rice & a succulent sauce

Zouk Steaks

  • Lamb Fillet Steak 19.95

  • 8oz Beef Rib Eye Steak 19.95

  • Chicken Steak 14.95

Gourmet Burgers

  • Special Burger 7.95

    Delicious Burger hand formed with the finest minced beef

  • Chicken Burger 7.95

    Quality chicken fillet burger coated in lightly spiced batter

  • Extras (Each) 1.00

    Garlic Mayo,
    Zouk Chili Sauce,
    Zouk Spicy BBQ Sauce


  • Chicken 7.95

    Slices of chicken cooked over an open flame with lemon juice

  • Lamb 7.95

    Succulent lamb cooked over an open flame with oregano & thyme

Special Roasts

  • Roast Chicken 15.95 (waiting time 50 minutes)

    Slowly cooked over hot flames and served with roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables & spicy gravy

  • Leg of Lamb 55.00 (must be pre-ordered 2 hours in advance)

    Slowly cooked over hot flames and served with roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables & spicy gravy

  • Whole Stuffed Lamb POA (24 hours notice required)

    Made in traditional Baluchi style and stuffed with seasoned rice. Served with roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables & spicy gravy


  • Katcumber Salad 3.95

  • Tabbouleh 3.95

  • Tandoori Roti 1.25

  • Romali Roti 1.95

  • Nann 2.95

  • Garlic Nann 3.50

  • Garlic & Corriander Nann 3.50

  • Peshwari Nann 3.50

  • Keema Nann 3.95

  • Cheese Nann 3.50

  • Kulcha 2.95

  • Pillau Rice 2.95

  • Lemon Rice 2.95

  • Boiled Rice 2.50

  • Mushroom Rice 2.95

  • Egg Rice 3.50

  • Vegetable Rice 3.50

  • Cashew Rice 3.50

  • Chips 2.95

    Traditional hand cut maris piper chips

  • Gunpowder Chips 2.95

    Traditional hand cut maris piper chips sprinkled with chaat masala

  • Raita 1.95

  • Mint Sauce 1.95

  • Mango Sauce 1.95

  • Imlee Sauce 1.95

  • Tomato Chutney 1.95


  • Strawbery Cheesecake 5.50

    A creamy cheesecake with a tasty crumbly biscuit base, layered beneath a rich and smooth mousse & topped with fresh strawberries

  • Mango Cheesecake 5.50

    The combination of fresh mango, cream cheese and cream makes an irresistibly delicious dessert. The fresh mango adds an Asian twist to this traditional cheesecake

  • Chocolate Fudge Cake 5.50

    A gorgeously gooey chocolate cake smothered in chocolate fudge icing and served with fresh cream or ice cream

  • Raspberry Trifle 5.50

  • 5.50

    A rich vanilla custard topped with a contrasting crisp layer of caramel which will make your mouth water with each mouthful

  • Profiterole Tower 5.50

    A tempting tower of individually prepared pastries filled with fresh cream and topped with Belgian Dark Chocolate. Finished off with a generous helping of our chocolate sauce and cream

  • Ice Cream Sundae 5.50

  • Carrot Cake 5.50

    A lightly spiced sponge with fresh carrots and walnuts. Topped with butter cream frosting this classic carrot cake is a real delight.

  • Red Velvet Cake 5.50

    A rich and luxurious sponge cake made with buttermilk and topped with cream cheese frosting and red sprinkles. Named after its smooth velvety texture and striking red colour